Related Experience:
NBCUniversal | Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Global Client Operations Specialist | October 2017-Present
• Manages and facilitates the distribution of NBC Entertainment and NBC News content for TV Everywhere (apps, OTT), On Demand, EST (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and international distribution.
• Troubleshoots issues with content failing to syndicate or deliver correctly.
• Schedules C3 records for NBC and NBC News.
• Schedules on-air recordings for events such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade for archival purposes.
• Works with cable providers to quickly purge and replace episodes that require legal or technical fixes.
• Works with NBC to execute catch-up stunts and other multi-platform programming stunts.
• Managed the end to end fulfillment of about 200 full event replays to all video on demand platforms during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

NBCUniversal | New York, NY
Promotional Strategy & Multi-platform Programming Coordinator, Entertainment Networks | February 2016-October 2017
• Delivers and schedules USA Network promos and banners to all nonlinear platforms, including set top boxes for VOD and TV Everywhere services such as the USA Now app and
• Schedules on-air promos for Syfy, Cloo, and Universal HD.
• Assists with providing keywords for video on demand metadata for new and upcoming shows.
• Does a quality assurance check to ensure the metadata on new shows is correct on every nonlinear platform.
• Performs audits and captures video from set top boxes for competitive analysis.
• Assisted with planning and executing a custom ad map for Mr. Robot season 2 for all nonlinear platforms.

NBCUniversal | New York, NY
East Coast Page Program | March 2015-February 2016
• Acts as a liaison between NBC and the public by conducting studio tours.
• Performs audience coordination for NBC shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live.

30 Rock Marketing and Special Events (December 2015-February 2016)
• Moderated and edited the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for The Tour at NBC Studios and The Shop at NBC Studios.
• Provided phone coverage for The Tour hotline.
• Created all signage and marketing materials for Shop at NBC events such as celebrity appearances and book signings.
• Maintained and troubleshooted Tour facilities.

Syfy Digital (September 2015-December 2015)
• Did a daily quality assurance check for new and existing content on,, the Blastr app, and the Syfy Now app on iOS, Windows, and Xbox One.
• Sent push notifications through the Syfy Now and Syfy Sync apps.
• Compiled and built the second screen experiences on the Syfy Sync app for Face Off and The Expanse.
• Updated the home pages and added new content to the Syfy Now apps for iOS, Windows, and Xbox One.
• Cut, processed, and ingested clips and promos for original series such as Continuum, Z Nation, and Paranormal Witness.
• Assisted with misc. administrative tasks such as processing invoices.

MSNBC Technical Operations and Control Room Production (April 2015-September 2015)
• Was the teleprompter Operator for Weekends with Alex Witt, Up with Steve Kornacki, and Melissa Harris-Perry.
• Established a strong working knowledge of every component and position of news production from the control room to the studio.
• Was a video playback operator for the MSNBC PATH Train Update.
• Booked studios for live shots around the country for The Ed Show and MSNBC Live.

TODAY Concourse Green Room Page: Mini-Assignment (April 2015)
• Greeted and oversaw guests and talent through hair, makeup, and wardrobe to ensure prompt on-set arrival time for live broadcast.
• Monitored show rundown to ensure all parties were informed of changes and updates.

ITV Studios | New York, NY
Digital Media Coordinator, The Bill Cunningham Show | August 2014-February 2015
• Moderated and edited the show’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts as well as their website.
• Created promotional ads using Photoshop and collaborated with the show’s producers to cater the ads to their needs.
• Collaborated with talent, crew, and audience members to produce Instagram videos and segments.
• Supervised the creation of the show’s digital magazine and produced an internal short film viewed at the show’s wrap party.
• Was the go-to person for still photographs of talent, crew, and staff during the show and for office events.
• Was a field shooter for multiple segments of the show, collaborating with multiple departments to execute them.
• Assisted in managing a team of 10 interns who I helped interview and hire..

Jigsaw Productions | New York, NY
Development Intern | May 2014-August 2014
•Contributed to the pre-production stages for multiple documentary TV shows.
•Researched a wide variety of topics for content and audience appeal.
•Used Google Drive to organize and distribute information.
•Scouted for shooting locations and talent agencies.

Speed Films | Brooklyn, NY
Marketing/PR Intern | May 2014-August 2014
• Promoted the web series Headshots and Breakdowns.
•Edited and submitted pieces of the show to film festivals.
•Reached out to the press for coverage.

State University of New York | Oswego, NY
Public Affairs Intern | January 2014-May 2014
• Managed the SUNY Oswego Twitter and Instagram accounts.
• Contributed content for SUNY Oswego Student Blogs.
• Spoke to prospective students on the Accepted Students of 2018 Facebook page.
• Assisted in promoting on campus events.

ITV Studios | New York, NY
Social Media Coordinator, The Bill Cunningham Show | August 2013-August 2013
• Moderated social media pages during the show’s mid-season hiatus.
• Contributed to social media plans for new shows such as Living Well with Montel.

ITV Studios | New York, NY
Social Media Intern, The Bill Cunningham Show | May 2013-August 2013
• Researched social media habits of the show’s audience.
• Filmed and edited behind the scenes videos.
• Researched topics for upcoming shows and possible guests.
• Promoted the Instagram page to receive hundreds of new followers.

State University of New York | Oswego, NY
Teaching Assistant (BRC 108: Intro to Mass Media and BRC 222: Intro to New Media) | August 2012-May 2014
• Took attendance and graded assignments for 70 students.
• Found and scheduled guest speakers.
• Kept up to date with subjects of the class (mass media and digital media).
• Created videos to help students learn class materials.
• Provided extra help for students outside of the classroom.

WTOP 10 | Oswego, NY
Segment Director | May 2012-May 2014
• Trained and supervised segment reporters who each created two minute news packages on topics of their choice.
• Oversaw the progress of each reporter and worked with them to make sure they were producing quality content.

WTOP 10 | Oswego, NY
News Social Media Director | January 2013-May 2013
• Entrusted with creating the social media plan for a nightly news show.
• Trained ten social media coordinators to create a second screen experience.
• Taught students to effectively use services such as Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, YouTube, and Vine.

WTOP 10 | Oswego, NY
Crew Member | September 2010-May 2014
• Held various crew positions for live and live to tape television broadcasts.
• Positions held include director, technical director, camera, and tape op.
• Learned each position at a very fast rate.

WNYO 88.9 FM: 4 Guys in a Booth | Oswego, NY
Producer | September 2011-May 2014
• Produced the most popular radio talk show on WNYO 88.9 FM.
• Planned and lead weekly meetings with the show’s hosts regarding each week’s episode.
• Ensured the show stayed on track to fit in all content.
• Wrote and read on air a news segment titled “Shear Genius News.”
• Recorded and uploaded each week’s episode to a podcast available on iTunes.

State University of New York (SUNY) College at Oswego | Graduation: May 2014
Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Mass Communication
GPA: 3.37
Dean’s List: Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013,

References: Available upon request.


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