About Me

I am a TV and digital media professional who is extremely adaptable, specializes in problem solving, and is forward thinking.

I am currently work as a Global Client Operations Specialist for NBCUniversal. During my day, I distribute NBC’s content to all digital platforms and international partners. It’s a combination of operations and distribution.

My last position was with USA Network where I distributed metadata for full episodes and scheduled promos for USA’s nonlinear platforms, including set top boxes for VOD, USANetwork.com, and the USA Now app. I also scheduled promos on-air for Cloo, a digital cable channel also owned by NBCUniversal which shut down in January 2017. The job is a combination of media trafficking, digital distribution, and marketing.

Before USA, I was a member of the NBCUniversal Page Program, a prestigious program which places recent college graduates in multiple positions across the different shows, networks, and departments at NBCUniversal. During this time, I had 3-5 month rotations with different teams, including MSNBC Technical Operations, Syfy Digital, and NBC Retail Operations. On top of this, I also was a tour guide for The Tour at NBC Studios and performed audience coordination for shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live.

I also worked for The Bill Cunningham Show where I moderated the show’s social media pages, produced, shot, and edited online videos, took still photos on set and in the office, designed ads, and maintained the show’s website. I originally interned and did freelance work for the show before getting hired. I also interned with Jigsaw Productions where I contributed to the development and pre production stages of multiple upcoming documentary TV series.

Skills from College:
At SUNY Oswego, I learned a multitude of skills which helped me to become well rounded in the broadcasting field. Since day one on campus, I had been involved with both WNYO and WTOP 10, the campus radio station and television station respectively. At each, I took on as many positions as I could such as producing radio, directing TV, being on air talent, and more. Balancing all of my leadership positions allowed me to gain excellent time management skills. I also had to learn each new position quickly, which has forced me to become a fast learner.

On top of my positions in student media, I was also a teaching assistant for multiple courses. One class, Intro to Mass Media, taught students the history of mass media and how to follow industry trends. The other class, Intro to New Media, taught students digital skills such as blogging with WordPress, coding HTML, editing photos with PhotoShop, and using Twitter effectively.

I also took on an internship at SUNY Oswego Public Affairs during my last semester at school.


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